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# amazing island complex
distance: 5' by boat (4km)
Explore this unique complex of 5 islands with the amazing sandy beaches and the crystal-clear waters. 
Visitors that have already been there named this place "the paradise".
You can visit them with your own boat. Camping offers all the imfostructure for this, private boat ramp, our own small hourbour, docking spots and boat-washing spot. 
'kayaking, boat trips, diving, water sports,
and so much more.' 
# unique untouched Nature
distance: 5' by car (5-45km)
Explore this one of a kind landscape and nature of our area.
Untouched mountains, Natura 2000 protected areas, original wildlife!
Visit Varvara waterfalls, an easy to reach location inside the chesnut and oak forests of the wild mountains of the area. 
A really unique experience for all the family! 
Walk through the mapped routes of the surrounding mountains and admire the breathtaking panorama of the islands and Mount Athos! 

# Byzantine tower & Museum of ouranoupolis 
distance: 5' by car (1.5km), 20' by foot
Built more than 7 centuries before, this unique byzantine castle is still standing strong to remind us of the Great Byzantine empire. Explore the unique interior and the small church at the very top of the tower! Do not forget to admire the possibly best view of the islands from the tower's balcony.   
Visit also the museum at the side of the tower, full of Ancient Greek treassures of the ancient city of Ouranoupoli.

# walking through the history

distance 1.5-6km  

Starting from the camping you can have one of the most interesting walks ever.

Walk for 1.5 km until the village of Ouranoupoli following the seaside road with the magic views of the islands opposite. 

Spent some time to visit the unique Byzantine Tower of the village which is an open museum. Do not forget to admire the breathtaking view of the highest balcony at 30 m!

Following the agriculture road to "Zygou Monastery" you will meet some of the most beautiful beaches and landscapes of the area. Visit the byzantine bridge and the hidden sightseeing spots and enjoy the pure nature.

At the end of the trail the ruins of a  

medival castle are standing just 10m from Mount Athos borders. A unique sample of middle age architecture and a very important religion spot.   

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