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bungalows pricelist 2024

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camping pricelist 2024 


Booking Conditions

  1. You can send your availability request through our contact form from our website or directly form your email to ours at                             

  2. Our reception will answer your request the soonest possible. Next step is the reservation and the prepayment process.

  3. The availability request is an application for reservation and there is no commitment from your side or from the camping reception and management. 

  4. After the availability of accommodations is confirmed by the Camping reception, you will be given a bank account for the advance payment.

  5. Your reservation is valid only following a deposit of the amount that will be agreed with the person responsible for the reservations and you will be charged with all of the bank expenses.

  6. The advance payment should be proven by a copy of the bank deposit note.

  7. Minimum number of nights for any reservation is 3 overnights.

  8. Reservations for the specific accommodations can take place only after the reception confirmation. Also, reservations for specific bungalows/caravans or types of  bungalows /caravan for rent can be confirmed only by the camping reception.

  9. Check-in time starts from 15:30 until 21.30 (you must contact us for late check in).

  10. Check-out time is before 11:00

  11. Only the persons declared upon arrival are allowed to use each accommodation. Visits and hosts are NOT allowed.

  12. One (1) car parking place corresponds to each accommodation. For additional vehicles, the charge is five (5) euros per night, subject to availability.

  13.  Pets are not allowed in our rental caravans and bungalows.

  14. The bungalows and caravans are fully equipped with high quality equipment and furniture as described at our website for each of those. Extra equipment, furniture or electric devices the guest may bring with him must be declared before the reservation is done. Any changes or damages at the equipment of our accommodation must be declared immediately at the reception. 

Cancelation Policy

  1. Due to covid-19 new environment cancellation policy may be different than the one below. The cancelation policy that will be provided be email through to the reservation procedure will be the final one.

  2. In case of a reservation cancellation, the advance payment is returned to you only if the cancellation has been performed 40 days before the scheduled arrival date. If a different cancellation policy is given through the email contact, then this is the valid one.

  3. In case of cancellation between 40 and 21 daysbefore the scheduled arriva, the guests are charged 50% of the advance payment. Cancellation in less than 21 days before the scheduled arrival occurs no prepayment refund. At any refund case the bank transfer cost from both sides are reduced by the refund ammount.

  4. 3. In case of a reservation cancellation during your stay, you are charged with the 70% of the total cost of the remaining overnights agreed and the full cost of the overnights before the cancellation. (example. Reservation is for bungalow 1-10/6, 9 nights totally at the price of 100 euros per night. After 3 nights reservation is cancelled. Total cost will be 3*100=300 plus 6*70=420. Total cost after cancelation is 720 euros)


All of these details must be clear in case of any misunderstanding.


Our main and most important rule is to offer you our best services for your precious holiday time. And this is what we are going to do!

privacy policy and cookies

We respect your Privacy. Privacy policy and cookies

Our company is collecting and processing your personal information to administer your booking and provide you with the best possible services. If the required personal data is not provided, we will not be able to administer your booking.

When you make a reservation with us, we will send a booking confirmation by email. On occasion, we may get in touch with you by email or by phone with information related to your stay.


The information we collect may include your full name, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, postal address, ID / passport information, credit card information, date of birth, nationality, gender, names and ages of children and any other necessary information to stand up to your personalized requests in relation to your accommodation.

You have the right to access your personal data and the right to rectification, if you believe that any information we hold about you is incorrect or incomplete.

Your data will be retained for a limited time and will be deleted within 3 months of your date of stay. If you have any questions about your personal data rights, you may contact us at:




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"Cookies" derived from our servers target to identify the user and to improve through statistical data the services provided on the site to him, such as by providing personalized services. The user-friendly collection of non-personal information and data in no way reveals his / her identity contributes.


They help us to offer you faster processing of user orders and overall optimization of the services of this site. Technical storage of cookies is permitted with the consent of the user, which may be given through appropriate settings in the browser or other application for the purpose of transmitting a communication, the service explicitly requested by the user and for the processing purposes mentioned above.

The user may at any time delete "Cookies" from his terminal equipment. However, we inform you that this may have implications for the ease of access to the site and may cause its functionality or usability to be impaired.

Cookies are installed on this website and third-party websites. Using cookies to analyze user activity serves to improve our website and provide personalized services. Improving our website's functionality by using cookies, we are upgrading the browser experience for our website visitor. Cookies and similar applications can be used to gather information about users such as browser type, server, user language, preferences, searches, and geographic location of the user.





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