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seaside bungalows

"Sunset" Seaside Bungalows

a new seaside experience.


Situated at one of the most beautiful parts of our beach directly at the corner of our resort, the new  "Sunset" seaside luxury bungalows set a new experience for the summer holidays.  

Appropriate for families with one kid, with queen size double bed (210*160) and a big sofa bed for the kid. 

Separated living room with minimal industrial-style decoration, coffee table, and big table to enjoy your coffee while the sea view amazes your mind. 

Flat TV, kitchen bench and water supply (no kitchen), and a huge window with an endless sea view make this shelter comfortable and unique.


An air conditioning system is installed to help with the summer heat.

Together with the high quality fully equipped bathroom is there to

make your moments easy and trouble-free.

The best place to be on this bungalow is the private big balcony with a breathtaking sea view of the most beautiful landscapes in the area. The bungalow has been designed to be an open door to the Aegean sea. Waking up from your bed becomes a new experience. The 2.7 m window is offering a unique feeling. From your mattress to your table, to your balcony the same unique image of the sea in front of you! 

Take a deep breath and enjoy the amazing view of the water and the islands above. Drink your coffee on your private balcony or enjoy the sun at the beach bar's sunbeds while you are drinking a refreshing cocktail.

And do not forget.

The sunset will be there every day waiting to take your breath away.

Sleeps: 2-3 persons                                                                               

  • Indoor space 27 m²

  • Private wooden veranda with pergola (big as 9.5 m²)

  • Table and chairs for the balcony

  • Parking spot close to the bungalow

  • Private entrance for your bungalow

  • 1 bedroom with 1 big double bed

  • Double bed dimensions 1.60x2.10 m

  • Big sofa bed dimensions 0.80x2.00 m

  • Closet

  • Beauty treatment area with mirror

  • Refrigerator-freezer

  • Flat bench with water supply, toast machine, and coffee maker.

  • Sofa and coffee table

  • Flat TV

  • Inverter eco air conditioning (cooling & heating)

  • Luxury Bathroom with shower unit

  • Towels and full linen

  • Change of sheets and towels every 4 days

  • Hair dryer (on request)

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